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Jonathan Ogbonna, also known as DeJon, is born into the family of four children; an elder brother and sister, and two younger sisters.


A graduate of Geology from the University of Ibadan. Jonathan is a Christian with a passion for music and married to the most amazing woman in the universe. He is also blessed with a daughter.


In this chat with SHABA GBENGA, the Publisher of Omonaijablog.com.ng, DeJon, an alternative singer spoke about his life, his career and music. He also revealed what he can’t do to ‘blow’.


He revealed much more, so much more.




Tell us about your journey into the entertainment industry.


My first encounter with music was as an eight-year-old boy. I was merely influenced by my mother, who was to release an album around that time. In primary 6, I started playing the keyboard for my Church and making melodies. During my 100 level in tje HigherInstitution, my friend and roommate, Toba, advised me to get lyrics for my melodies, instead of just letting them waste; so I wrote my very first song then. Of course, I did not release it, I was supposed to present it for the University of Ibadan Fresher’s Welcome Program at the Chapel of the Resurrection, The Youth Forum. However, I told myself, maybe I will still release the song, unedited so the world can see the growth.



How do you come about the name DeJon?


People call me Jon for short, but my mom calls me Dee Jon (which translates to Uncle Jon) when she is pleased with me and wants to pet me to do something for her. I liked the name; I decided to concatenate it and write it as DeeJon. To my surprise, I found out there is an actual name like DeJon which means ‘God is gracious’, often found among African Americans. I adopted the name, more so because of the meaning of the name.



What has been your experience since you started?


It hasn’t been easy, but it hasn’t been unbearable either. There have been moments of both joy and pain, but through it all, one thing has been consistent – growth. My experiences have shaped me and given me new perspectives on life. They have also reshaped my understanding of the music industry through what I have seen and heard.



What is your genre of music?


I am an alternative singer.


As an alternative singer, who are those who inspired you to do music?


I have been inspired and influenced by lots of musicians. The first is my mom, although her songs were never released nor published. I believe I got my musical talent from her. I was first inspired to write my first song by my roommate Toba. He believed in me and told me that my melodies were worth listening to if only I would find words for them. I have also been inspired by the likes of Jon Bellion, Jon Legend, Rihanna, and Justin Bieber. Bringing it home, in no particular order, I have also been a lover of Rema Music, WizKid, Buju, Davido, and Burna Boy.



Who is your greatest inspiration of all time?


Of all the big celebrities in the music industry, Spellz happens to be the only one I have come close to, beyond studio sessions. He has inspired me to be a better version of the Me he first met and given me a better perspective on success in the music industry.


He has taught me a lot about the music industry, he gave my music exploration a definition. He has shown me music is beyond the studio room, and that the real life of an artist starts after he is done with his studio sessions and performances.



How do you source for inspiration to sing?


I take a walk, I sleep and receive melodies in my dreams sometimes, and I drive out in an open space enjoying nature and the breeze. Sometimes, I eat and take a shower. Some other times I see a movie or have a fun time with my wifey.



What’s that unforgettable thing you ever found yourself doing?


I remember a time in school when I took the punishment for my younger sister. As she was a girl, I didn’t want her to be punished. At the time, I was a prefect, and school rules prohibited public punishment of a prefect. I went to the principal, handed in my badge, and offered to take the punishment in her place. My sister appreciated and respected me even more for it. The school management was surprised and returned my badge to me.


Can you do a Sugar Mummy to grow?


No, please.




Apart from the fact that I’m married, I don’t see reasons why I need to do a sugar mommy to blow. Music is art; people love good art and are always drawn to it, just like an ant is drawn to sugar. If you have a good craft, and the right support system, the people will accept you. There is only not so much you can achieve as an artist if your foundation in the industry is sugar mommy. I would rather develop my craft to blow.



What do you consider a success in the entertainment industry?


It is being who you want to be in the industry without sacrificing your personality or breaking your rules to attain it. For me, success in the industry is attaining a position where I can freely relate without restrictions; my music to a stream of audience willing to vibe hard with me, and not sacrificing my persona. That is success to me. I want that freedom of expression. I do not want to lose myself or become whoever the market wants me to become in order to blow.



Why do you think most young artists find it difficult to succeed?


First success is relative. They have to define what success truly entails for them. Talent, persona, and a strong management team have a strong impact on the market value of an artist. When the artist lacks these things, they might suffer in the industry. However, there are no simple ways of explaining these things, as some people have succeeded without the obvious requirements and some have also not seen success although they have it all.



Lyrically, what are some of the works you have done. And what are you working on presently?


I am currently working on a couple of songs with Spellz.

Two of the songs are ready and we will be sharing with you all very soon. I am so excited about the project because we created something very spiritual.



OK. What do you do to relax?


I listen to music, I watch movies, I eat junks, take a shower, I take a walk, and I play with my girls.



What are some of the things most people don’t know about you?


I love eating food that I did not cook and I enjoy being in nature. I cherish life, and love, and believe that men should always love and protect the women around them.


Can you share your social media handles with us?


Sure, of course.

Instagram and thread- Officialdejon

Twitter: official_dejon

Tik tok: officialdejon_

Snap chat- officialdejon





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