Why People Are Rushing To Saworoide TV On YouTube To Watch “Odun Kan”, A New Yoruba Film by Anthony Ogundimu



In a captivating new Yoruba movie titled “Odun Kan,” renowned filmmaker Anthony Ogundimu, popularly known as Ara, explores the intricacies of life, fate, and the unexpected twists that can change one’s destiny.


The storyline revolves around Mr. Ladi, a wealthy man whose life takes an unexpected turn when he is diagnosed with a seemingly incurable ailment. The twist of fate leaves him with just one year to live. Oga Bello, played by the seasoned actor Adebayo Salami, shares his own experience of overcoming a similar predicament through prayer and acts of generosity.


As the narrative unfolds, viewers are taken on a poignant journey where faith, friendship, and unforeseen events converge. The movie delves into the power of prayer, resilience, and the impact of benevolence on the course of one’s life.


The stellar cast includes industry veterans like Adebayo Salami and Ronke Odusanya, along with talented actors such as Peter Ijagbemi, Ladi Folarin, Kelvin Obatide, Kehinde Lawal, Bose Aregbesola, Bobo B, Jumoke Olatinwo, Funmi Sanyaolu, and more. Their performances promise to bring depth and authenticity to the characters, making “Odun Kan” a must-watch for Yoruba movie enthusiasts.


Anthony Ogundimu, known for his directorial prowess, adds another gem to his repertoire with “Odun Kan.” The film not only entertains but also leaves the audience reflecting on life’s uncertainties and the resilience of the human spirit.


The blockbuster flick has been released on the stable of Saworoide TV on YouTube and people have been rushing to the channel to see the film full of  moral lessons.


Click the link below to watch the film for free:


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