By Don Peter Okoro


One of the best ways to assess a person is to let the public give an unbiased opinion of such a person.


Let us see how a cross section of the society view our subject matter who is acknowledged as one of the most refined and polished Politicians and Entrpreneurs of our time and in our clime whose foray into the political arena, is to reduce the pains of the suffering masses and give hope to the hopeless.


Let us hear what a cross section of the people have to say about this great son of Idoma land: According to Barr.Napoleon Otache, a Legal Practitioner, he stated that in a society where charity is associated with those who have excess wealth,, Prince Adama, a.k.a. Otalaka decided to prove humanity wrong by reinventing the wheels through the provision of numerous life-changing projects for the betterment of the downtrodden living in Apa LGA and other Communities in Benue State. Otalaka is indeed a Trailblazer.



Another witness Mr. Sunny Agbo Edache said that he is the only biological child of his mother, but since he met Hon. Adama about 10years ago, only him became like 7 siblings to him.

He said he stopped missing those siblings that he never had. In counseling, he advises him like an elder brother. In humility, despite his wealth of wisdom and intelligence, he brings himself so low and submissive.

So, he became both a younger brother and an elder brother to him.


According to him, he is a tower of strength, inspiration, compassion and does not hold back, and that his arms are open for embrace anytime and his palms are transparent. He said, Adama has seized opportunities and moments to be a bundle of blessings unspeakable to him and the world around him.


Andrew Abechi states that Project Otalaka is a selfless, altruistic, liberal, philanthropic, passionate and goal driven young man whose preoccupation is to see to the wiping away of tears from people’s eyes and to bridge up the wide chasm that exists between the children of the extremely poor and the extremely rich. Mr. Andrew Abechi says that this informs why issues that concerns the underprivileged is prime in his heart and he constantly seeks that, they are given their rightful places in the scheme of things.

He described Hon. Adama aa a People’s person and a charastically humble and unassuming personality.


Esinniobiwa Quareeb who is the Chief Technology Officer at Enadama Group described Hon. Adama as a visionary leader with passion for community development and youth advocacy. He described him further as one who believes in shared vision and purposeful collaboration for a common goal.


While Mr. Solomon Ada Okodeje testified that Adama has immensely contributed positively to his life. He said that Adama got him a well paying job that he is doing till now where over 10 persons dependents and friends are currently benefitting. He said that Adama single handedly sponsored his marriage in 2020 and has paid over#1,000,000 for his accommodation in Abuja.


And that through his contacts, he has connected him with other party bigwigs both at the state and national levels.


He concluded by saying that without Adama’s intervention in his life, he wouldn’t have been the mentally strong person he is today.


The Senior Pastor of Global Kingdom Gateway Assembly, Pastor Ayo Eluma is glad to be alive to see the fulfillment of some of the dreams he shared with him over 17years ago, where youths would no longer be used as thugs, but as nobles; where people will have access to free healthcare. Where wealth distribution will be available to the common man on the street and community transformation through infrastructural development. The Pastor said, he is not just seeing them, but that he is also a Partaker.


Hon. Adama Joseph Adama is a compassionate Philanthropist who has reached out to over 3, 000 Widows and 700 Youths engaged in talent development.


He stepped down electricity projects and built drainages and culverts across multiple communities in Apa LGA. Renovated blocks of classrooms in public primary schools in communities. It is the reason why his people call him ‘Otalaka’ (The Hope of the Common Man).

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