“They Framed Me, I Am Not A Criminal”- Akeem Owonikoko, A Community Hero In Ososa, Ogun State Cries Out To Nigerians For Help




Akeem Owonikoko, a respected and trusted member of the So Safe Corp in Ososa, Ogun State, is being accused by the Ogun State police of being an armed robber and a possessor of illegal weapons. However, the truth maybe far from what the viral videos and sensational headlines have portrayed. Akeem Owonikoko and his community are insisting he is not a criminal, but a community hero who has dedicated his life to ensuring peace and security in his beloved town.



In an exclusive and emotional video interview with the Yoruba Broadcasting Network, Akeem Owonikoko broke his silence and told his side of the story. He revealed how he became a victim of circumstances and how he was framed by some unscrupulous elements who wanted to tarnish his reputation and destroy his livelihood.



Akeem Owonikoko explained that he joined the So Safe Corp in 2014 after witnessing the havoc caused by a notorious cult group called Eye confraternity in his hospitality business. He said he bought a vigilante uniform and security gadgets, such as pepper spray, shockers, and jacklives, to equip himself for the task of protecting his community. He also joined other security groups like Agbekoya and Amotekun corps, where he worked with other volunteers to combat crime and maintain order.



He narrated how he acquired his first gun from a hunter named Victor in 2017, but later modified it to a smaller size because it was faulty. He said he used the gun only for self-defense and never for any illegal activity. He also recounted how he worked closely with various police departments and different DPOs, who recognized his efforts. He was appointed as the unit commandant at Ososa of vigilante corps.



The people of Ososa have also come out in full support of Akeem Owonikoko, testifying to his character and integrity. They have described him as a diligent, dedicated, and loyal member of the So Safe Corp, who has always been at the forefront of fighting crime and ensuring peace in the community. They have expressed their shock and disbelief at the allegations leveled against him, saying that they are baseless and fabricated.



If Akeem’s side of the story is paid attention to and found to be clear: Akeem Owonikoko is not an armed robber, but a community hero who has been wrongly accused and unjustly detained. He deserves justice and freedom, not condemnation and imprisonment. He deserves the gratitude and admiration of his community, not the scorn and ridicule of the public. He deserves to be heard and believed, not silenced and dismissed.



As Akeem Owonikoko awaits his fate, he appeals to the authorities and the media to investigate his case thoroughly and fairly. He also pleads with the public to not judge him by what they see or hear on the internet, but by what they know about him from his years of service to his community. He said in tears: “They framed me, I am not a criminal. I am a peacekeeper, a community hero. Please help me clear my name.”


Click the link below to see the visual interview with Yoruba Broadcasting Network


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