President Tinubu Urged to Prioritize Youth Representation in Key Political Appointments

The West African Youth Assembly (WAYA), Nigeria Chapter, has extended their warm congratulations to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on his inauguration as the 16th President of Nigeria. In a heartfelt message, WAYA expressed their joy and appreciation for the renewed hope symbolized by President Tinubu’s ascension to power, acknowledging the trust and confidence placed in him by the Nigerian people during the electoral polls.


The youth assembly rejoices that President Tinubu’s mandate, which they believe to be the collective mandate of all Nigerians, was not stolen by enemies of Nigeria’s democracy. They highlighted that approximately 70% of the votes received by President Tinubu came from the youth constituency, emphasizing the significant role played by Nigerian youths in his election.


In their message, WAYA urged President Tinubu to ensure that Nigerian youths between the ages of 18-35 are given prominent positions and key political appointments in his administration. Recognizing that Nigerian youths constitute the majority of the electoral populace, they stressed the importance of including young people in decision-making processes to effectively address the aspirations and challenges faced by the nation’s youth.


Furthermore, the West African Youth Assembly (WAYA) expressed their readiness to partner with President Tinubu’s administration to formulate and implement policies that would favor Nigerian youths. They emphasized that Nigerian youths are stakeholders in the polity and the democratic process, and by delivering the dividends of democracy, their collaboration could bring about positive change and progress for the youth population.


As Nigeria is a member of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the youth assembly highlighted their affiliation with the organization and the role they play as the youth wing. They underscored the significance of working closely with ECOWAS and the potential for joint efforts to address regional issues concerning young people.


The West African Youth Assembly (Nigeria Chapter) concluded their message by once again congratulating President Bola Ahmed Tinubu on his emergence as the 16th President of Nigeria. They wished him a successful tenure and expressed their eagerness to cooperate closely with his administration in fulfilling the aspirations of Nigerian youths.


Comrade Ejeye Jolomi, Head of Media and Publicity for the West African Youth Assembly (WAYA), signed the message, which stands as a testament to the commitment and enthusiasm of the Nigerian youth in supporting President Tinubu’s leadership.



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