Arik Airline in Trouble as Singer Oba Ara Plans to Sue Over Poor Service


The management of Arik Airline is currently facing a potential legal battle with renowned Nigerian music artist, Dr. Rotimi Onimole, popularly known as Oba Ara, due to alleged poor service. According to Oba Ara’s solicitor, Barrister Greg Aghedo of Greg Aghedo and Associates, Arik Airline failed in its responsibility to transport Mr. Taiwo Abayomi Joseph, a passenger sponsored by Oba Ara, from Abuja to Lagos on May 17th, 2023.


According to the information provided by Oba Ara’s solicitor, the young man was left stranded at the airport when no Arik Airline staff showed any sympathy or provided assistance. Instead, they treated him with disrespect, turning him into a laughing stock and causing him great embarrassment and distress.


It was also revealed that Mr. Abayomi was supposed to meet his doctor in Lagos due to his health condition. However, he had to seek medical attention from a local doctor in Abuja after experiencing a serious health crisis. Fortunately, he managed to survive the sudden relapse of his health issue.


To resolve the situation and escape the trouble caused by Arik Airline, Mr. Abayomi had to contact his sponsor, Oba Ara, who sent additional funds for him to book a hotel until the following day.


Oba Ara’s lawyer has since sent a letter of complaint and a pre-action notice of the mistreatment by Arik Airline to the airline’s management. The award-winning musician is demanding ten million Naira in general damages.


The response from Arik Airline to the complaint served by Oba Ara’s solicitor was described as absurd and ridiculous.


Barrister Greg Aghedo’s letter of complaint to Arik Airline stated, “We write on behalf of Mr. Rotimi Onimole, hereinafter referred to as our client. Our client is a guardian, sponsor, and stands as a parent to Mr. Taiwo Abayomi Joseph, hereinafter referred to as the ward. The ward was an intending passenger on your airline on the 17th day of May, 2023, from Abuja to Lagos, scheduled to depart at 8:46 hours. However, to the ward’s dismay, he was informed by your airline officials that no flight would go to Lagos on the said date and time, instructing him to return the next day after rescheduling. This information was provided without any prior notice from the airline.”


“The ward was left stranded and frustrated, and despite explaining to some airline officials that he had nowhere to stay for the night, they callously laughed him away without offering any assistance. Consequently, our client had to send money to the ward for him to find a hotel room to spend the night, incurring unexpected expenses.”


“The ward, who was on his way to Lagos to meet the family doctor due to his precarious state of health, suffered a health crisis requiring urgent medical attention. He had to be attended to by a local doctor in Abuja that same evening to stabilize his condition. He was on the verge of slipping into a coma, and we have records to support this.”


“We are giving you a seven-day period from the date of your receipt of this letter to pay our client and the ward ten million Naira as special and general damages caused by your actions, or we will approach a court of competent jurisdiction to seek justice for our client and the ward. Furthermore, we will request reimbursement for any legal costs incurred by our client.”


The situation remains unresolved, and the outcome will depend on further developments or potential court proceedings.






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