“Don’t care for people too much in 2023”-Nollywood Actor, Olohuniyo Says


One of the wave making actors rocking the Yoruba Movie genre of Nollywood, Olasunkanmi Akanni popularly known as Olohuniyo has advised his followers not to displease themselves in 2023 just because they want to show too much cares for people.

The Ondo state born movie star made this statement last weekend while showing his 2023 guidelines.

According to him, “Don’t care for people too much in 2023. This is because 2023 is a beginning of a new chapter in our lives and for every chapter in a book, there is always
different themes awaits the readers.

“2023 is just another new date in our calendars and we still have the same stuffs
going on, same set of people, though some might improve on themselves mentality from such fellows. A change in age doesn’t mean people will change from whom they used to be and that’s why you need to avoid some of your past mistakes in 2023.

“There are guidelines the Lord revealed to me. Many are still living the same way they lived in 2022 in this new month of January, but by the time we see the month of March, what this year holds will be well known to everyone.
Many might doubt this revelation but by the time we get towards the month of March, it will be cleared to everyone what this year holds for us all based on this revelation.

“This year, we must be very careful when it comes to caring about the people around us as it will cause more harm than good.

“I’m not misleading you not to care at all but you have to think well before you do so.
I understand very well that it’s very difficult to figure out who to care for and who not to, but it’s best to keep a low crowd than trying to cater for a large numbers of people.

“Note: if I don’t care for you, that doesn’t mean I don’t love you.
Many of us love ourselves but we don’t care
to run a smooth year, the first important thing you have to do is;
Fight for your life in all ways you can. In everything you must do this year, put yourself
first, carter for your needs before other people comes in. There will be more of
disappointments and betrayals in 2023. Remember that in every gathering, there is always a Judas.

“Don’t expect too much from people, make sure you work on yourself financially because
this year like I noted earlier, there will be many disappointments from people.

“Don’t show too much care for people you think you love, show concern, love and care but don’t put your 100% care because there will be a lot of heartbreaking in 2023 and not all will be caused by either of the partners i.e family members, friends or society.
Everyone of us need to be very prayerful this year because this year is filled with lots of
blessings, heartbreaking and disappointment. You have to work towards getting that you
wish for yourself.

“Everything or any steps you want to take this year, just have the believe in yourself that you can do it but have it in mind that you have no adviser or helper.

“People you care for might not just care about you, don’t let people use you in 2023 as a stepping stone.

NOTE: People Followed Jesus Christ but Jesus did not follow anybody.
We always receive favour from him”, he said.

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