UPDATE: How Former Skye Bank Chairman, Tunde Ayeni Encouraged Daughter’s Classmate To Commit Abortions, Other Inside Details Of Businessman’s Paternity Scandal


More facts have emerged in the paternity tussle between Nigerian businessman and former chairman of defunct Skye Bank, Tunde Ayeni and a female lawyer in Abuja identified as Adaobi Alagwu.

For starters, “Ayeni began dating Adaobi way before 2019, when she was about 24-years old, outspending all other suitors. Whenever she called off their romance, he always went crawling back. He dated and flaunted her openly and with no regard for his family and friends then” an associate said.

Adaobi, who is 30 years old, was a classmate of the businessman’s daughter. Ayeni last week denied being the father of the lawyer’s baby. The businessman through sources claimed that he was not the father of her child, adding that he had ended their relationship long ago.

However, sources familiar with the duo’s relationship confirmed him as the father of the baby.

“Isn’t it funny that Tunde Ayeni is in a dispute with a 30-year-old woman over pregnancy? The woman is younger than his first and only daughter,” a relative of Adaobi had told SaharaReporters.

The relation also described Ayeni’s initial statement as a panic move and an attempt to shut Adaobi up because “he suddenly realised his folly and the lifetime pain this has brought on his long-suffering wife and children”.

“Not only is Adaobi Alagwu as young as his daughter, but she was also in the same class as his daughter,” the source added.

The source further said, “He dated and flaunted her openly and with no regard for his family and friends then. He gifted his building, right next to a supposedly serious business entity of his (address withheld), to her out of fear that he might lose her.

“He gifted her the house she lives in Lakeview in Abuja, and purchased a choice property for her mother to live in. This act of his drove his daughter to shame. Whilst his daughter was struggling, he set up Adaobi’s chambers. Her chamber is at 36, Birao Street, Wuse 2, back of AP Plaza, off Adetokunbo Ademola Street in Abuja.

“He also gifted her a multi-million Naira Range Rover from his fleet and was constantly at her office even in the full glare of his hardworking staff next block. Currently, Ayeni just pretends he is a rich man in billions but all he really does is to struggle for positions with real politicians as he’s currently doing with the Atiku Abubakar campaign. He’s battling tooth and nail to secure his place with Atiku so as to be the one all funds would be kept with.

“In the last six years that he has spent most of his time chasing Adaobi, his business has suffered. Ayeni has been desperately appearing in all Atiku’s pictures in order to compromise people and make them believe he is very important in Atiku’s campaign.”

Another relation of Adaobi also dismissed the former Skye Bank chairman’s claim.

“It is funny that Tunde’s people are trying to deny this child. It is most unfortunate. He had made her commit abortions but this latest one, she insisted on keeping it and he finally allowed her to do so. However, because he is part of Atiku Abubakar’s campaign, he is trying to protect his image so that the scandal will not force the campaign organisation to push him away.

“The irony is that Adaobi never wanted to date Tunde in the first place. She was attending law school in Abuja with his daughter. His daughter was supposed to stay in his house but he transferred her to Lagos so that Adaobi could live with him. He even gave her a car without her asking for it.

“Adaobi has a 10-year-old child and is not after Tunde Ayeni for money. She was driving a G-Wagon before she met Ayeni.”

Speaking to SaharaReporters on Tuesday, another source confirmed the earlier report published by the newspaper.

He identified the car given to Adaobi by Ayeni as a Range Rover with registration number EPE 505 ES.

The source confirmed that the female lawyer had been pregnant with his baby before the latest paternity issue.

“She had been pregnant for him before and he requested she should abort the baby. Even with this, he promised her heaven and earth to abort it. Whilst many of his friends don’t mind him dating whom he wants, it’s been embarrassing the age gap between them and how this projects him.

“And whilst she knows he and Tunde fought, it is Tunde who wanted to prove by all means he owns her. He’s been threatening her best friend not to say anything about the situation. He’s frantically reaching out to her friends to warn her not to say anything to the press,” the source said.

The source continued, “Adaobi has a 10-year-old son from a previous relationship. She said he gave her the office without her asking and renovated it with a lot of money.

“Tunde desperately wanted to flaunt her and convince her of his love and dissuaded his wife and children from coming to his Abuja homes. He transferred his daughter back to Lagos when she was posted to Abuja law school. He’s assured Ada she will be taken care of when Atiku wins. He’s known to always spend more time in her office even when his own businesses are suffering.

“He has a penchant for always following women and wasting resources on them rather than on credible ventures.

“The lady’s friends and family call Tunde her paymaster. A lot of his friends asked him to stay with his ex-girlfriend who was far more mature and he turned a blind eye. Many of his people are usually scared to advise him.

“He spent so much money renovating her office, paying for her security, suggesting that this is all he would waste the country’s resources on if in public office. He ensures his company’s briefs and his friends’ real estate deals go to her. He also forces his managers to accord her respect.

“Let’s not even talk about ‘Jacky of Port Harcourt’ who is another girlfriend and how angry she is about Adaobi and how many managers have been made to resign just because he continues to mismanage all the affairs.”

An associate of Ayeni told our correspondent that the businessman handed important briefs to Adaobi to handle even though she was still a young lawyer, all in a bid to please her.

“There was an important brief we had with Funds and Electronic Transfer Solutions (Fets), one of the leading licensed mobile money operators. You won’t believe that Tunde gave it to this woman to handle just because he was dating her. When we tried to talk him out of it, he refused.

“He forces briefs from Fets which is meant to be a serious business on Airbridge chambers owned by the lady. It’s just scary to imagine him in a position to control the country’s resources. Then he alleges she’s eyeing Joyce Berezi’s husband when everyone knows Joyce is her cousin before she moved to London, which makes it totally unfathomable. Same way, in many of his rabid actions went against the children of the late Hosa Okunbor and got their assets frozen, were it not for the timely intervention of the Emir of Kazaure who came to the rescue of the children’.

Another source revealed that since the story went viral, Adaobi has been downcast herself and stopped going to the office. Contrary to the fact that she wanted to hold him down with this pregnancy she has a much older son who she’s been taking care of too and she scoffs at the assertion she’s chasing after him when even now he’s been sending her money and desperately managing her reaction.

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