Stay Away From My Personal Life-Bukunmi Oluwasina Warns, Says I Never Had Interest in Lateef Adedimeji

Nollywood Actress, Bukunmi Oluwasina has debunked the news making the rounds about her in the media after a blogger claimed that she forcefully rushed into marriage to cover the shame of getting pregnant out of wedlock.

The blogger, in her report alleged that the actress was impregnated by her husband who was then a mere boyfriend and as a top movie star, this might be a big shame on her which forced her to hastenly had a closed-door wedding with him.

Last night, Bukunmi took to her Instagram story to finally address the allegations. She revealed that all the claims from the said blogger are fallacy. She further revealed the truth that many people don’t really know about her marriage and the difficult situation she and her husband had to go through before she could conceive months after their wedding.

Having heard this, Entertainment Journalist, Gbolahan Adetayo however spoke with the vivacious actress who shared her on side of the story in a brief chat with him. Read the interview below.

How did you feel after seeing a report claiming that you were forced to get married to your husband because of the pregnancy you had for him out of wedlock?

Someone actually sent it to me. I don’t follow the page but i love the page because ever since that page started, most celebrities have started minding the kind of things they do and living the right way, which is a positive change, and it quite commendable. I used to believe that the blog doesn’t post false things, until i saw what a friend sent to me which was absolutely not true. I guess the people feeding the blogger with information just didn’t do their job well. I thought i should ignore it because it’s one of those things, but I suddenly remembered my daughter. I know she would grow up to read those things someday, So i decided to speak my truth and add up evidence even though the blogger had no evidence to her claims.

Has the report caused any form of misunderstanding in your home?

Myself and my husband can’t engage in fracas because of something that was said in the media. We all have our dirty secrets no matter how little, and before we got married to each other, I told him every of the things I could count as secret and he did the same also. So, some people would be surprise to know that there is nothing you can tell me about my husband or tell him about me that we haven’t already told each other, fought about, settled, and now laugh about it because there are some secrets you can’t keep forever, so it is better your partner hear it from you than from outsiders. It reduces the hurt. But i’m not the type of girls with the records of sleeping around or being with a man for money. I grew up in money and by the grace of God i was able to make my own money too. If not for the kind of Job i do, i would have been married 5 years ago. That’s how much i love family. I dated my boyfriend for years before we finally agreed to settle down. It was not because we were not ready. No. It was because we had our plans and that’s what we followed. Who does a marriage out of no choice and goes to Court? Oh maybe they didn’t get the full gist. We had both Church, Court and Traditional wedding. We only posted the part that casted because it’s the only part that leaked online. And trust me, we have been long engaged before the date they posted, most fans and friends just don’t know about it because Covid-19 denied the chance of gathering the whole family for a proper celebration. For those who are wise enough to open their eyes before opening their mouth anyhow, they would know i have had my heart engagement ring on very long before the wedding news got leaked. And trust me, had it been it wasn’t leaked, I might eventually make the wedding unknown on social media. That’s how much i love my privacy.

Is there any other thing you want to clear the air about?

I know a lot of people are waiting to read or hear bad news about me or my marriage, because this part of the world is filled with bitter people, but i’m just going to put this straight to you all, as long as God liveth, as long as i have never been a reason for any woman’s tears or stole any woman’s husband or break anyone’s home, you all would wait forever. Then you all should please stop putting my name on the list i don’t belong. Or call me someone’s Ex. I have said this a thousand times, I never dated Lateef. I have never for once had interest in him for a second. I’m not a lover of public figure afair or unnecessary attention. I have said this long since i joined the movie industry, That I can never date or marry an actor. Thank God the Guy in question is still alive, Anyone can publicly or privately ask him If i Oluwasina Bukunmi Grace have ever asked him where he lives let alone of paying him a visit. Can you date or have interest in a person and never get to do that? If anyone have claims of ever seeing me with him in a place that is not for shooting or work related environment, Please kindly come forward with your proof.

Let me also use this privilege to appeal to all bloggers with due respect. Please, If you want to talk about me, do not extend it to the part of my family. I do not post them as often or at all because I don’t like people believing they have a say or opinion on my private life. I didn’t do a public wedding because i actually with due respect believe it should be a sign for everyone to know i do not entertain anybody in my private life or family life no mater how close you are to me. I dated my friend for 10 years before we got married, and i never mentioned his name or talked about us in any interview even till and after our wedding. It should automatically show the public how much i love my privacy. Thank you.

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