Prophetess Morenikeji Ẹgbin Orun Mourns the Late Singer Mohbad: A Mother’s Farewell



In the realm of Nigerian gospel music, Prophetess Morenikeji B. Adeleke, fondly known as Ẹgbin Orun, stands as a cherished figure, celebrated for her soul-stirring melodies and her commitment to spreading the gospel through the medium of music. As Nigeria mourns the untimely departure of the promising artist Mohbad, Ẹgbin Orun joins the chorus of voices paying their final respects, offering her heartfelt condolences from the perspective of a mother who deeply comprehends the weight of loss.


While detailed information about Ẹgbin Orun’s personal life and background may not be readily available in the provided search results, her significant presence within the gospel music ministry is undeniable. She has remained a steadfast pillar in the gospel music scene, captivating the hearts of her fans with her angelic voice and the spiritual profundity of her messages. Her unwavering dedication to her ministry is evident through milestones such as the fifth anniversary of her music ministry and the release of inspirational albums.


In a poignant tribute to the late Mohbad, Ẹgbin Orun extends her profound condolences to the family and loved ones of the departed artist. As a mother herself, she recognizes the profound anguish that accompanies the loss of a child and wholeheartedly empathizes with the grief that has enveloped Mohbad’s family.


In her heartfelt statement, Ẹgbin Orun expresses, “As a mother, my heart aches for the family of Mohbad. The loss of a child is a pain that words cannot adequately convey. May the Almighty grant them the strength to endure this unfathomable sorrow and find solace in the cherished memories of their beloved son.”


The Nigerian music industry, renowned for its diverse talents and genres, has witnessed the ascent of remarkable artists like Mohbad. Ẹgbin Orun’s tribute reminds us that beyond the music and fame, these artists are someone’s children, and their departure leaves an enduring void in the hearts of their families.


During times of sorrow, the unity of the music community and the compassion of individuals such as Prophetess Morenikeji B. Adeleke (Ẹgbin Orun) serve as a testament to the power of empathy and the enduring bonds of humanity. As we bid farewell to Mohbad, may his music continue to inspire, and may his memory be a wellspring of comfort to his loved ones during this challenging period.






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