Prophet Kingsley Aitafo Rolls out 2024 Prophetic warnings for Tinubu, Adeboye, Olukoya, Oyakhilome , others




Popular Prophet, Prophet Kingsley Aitafo has rolled out his prophetic warnings for 2024. The man with the unusual prophetic mantle who accurately predicted during his 2023 prophecies that Tinubu will emerge winner of 2023 election and the new visa rule by Canada warned against many natural disasters in 2024.



He also warned that prayers should be raised for the churches headed by Dr Olukoya, pastor Oyakhilome and Pastor Adeboye to avert underground division the enemy is planning for them. Excerpts…





There will be many natural disasters in the year 2024. It starts with water like a flood, the sun will be very hot, and many seas will overflow. Fire outbreaks will be much and earthquakes, and many world economies will start moving toward crashing.




* We will need to help January with prayers, many Leaders in the military both retired will be going home in that year, and many traditional rulers will be going home especially old ones.




* The God-ordained Zion will start emerging I mean the true stature of the last day church will start emerging,






* many new stars will emerge, in music, in ministry, and will have world recognition.




* Many African ministries will be opened to the world especially Nigeria in 2024.




* many will become becomes billionaires in various fields of business.




* That year will shake Nigeria and American Christendom because some celebrated giants will go home.




* A new wave of revival is coming on the white garment denomination like something dead becoming resurrected.




* I still see some attempts from the military to take over some African countries




* We need to help the US government with prayers against serious recession and the dollar losing value in the world market also Biden should be helped with prayer if he wants to win again because the chances are still slim but I see a lot of work being done underground.




* We should help Putin with prayers, we should help David Adeleke with prayers, and Governor Akeredolu with prayers.




* Two very well-known Yoruba music legend should be helped with prayers because they already has an ailment they are managing but we should help them with prayers so they won’t leave as a shock.




* Yoruba actors and actresses should be helped with prayers against strange sickness that many of them are already managing secretly so it won’t get out of hand in that year and the arrow of death be prayed against amongst the English actors and actresses.




* A lot of changes are coming in Nigeria’s aviation sector; many policies will be visited and things will change in that sector.




* Nigerians need to pray very well for the government of Bola Ahmed Tinubu because he has a good plan for Nigeria and some of his plan will start manifesting in 2024. We should pray against sickness for him towards the end of that year.




* I see that many abandoned road constructions in Nigeria and many bad roads will be constructed in that year.






* I see reformations in Police policies local government policies and civil servants’ retirement policies visited.




* A new brand or let me say maker of mobile phones will emerge and will be accepted globally




* The coming of Jesus Christ is getting very near the day.




* MFM church, Christ embassy church, and the Redeemed Christian church should be helped with prayers against the underground division the enemy is planning to divide those ministries.




* Many Jesus Christ cover-up churches will be exposed seriously.




* The Igbo agitator should be helped with prayers so he won’t die in detention.




* Let’s all join hands and pray against third world war because there is a drum of war that is coming I can’t tell when.




Christians and believers don’t neglect the law of sowing and reaping, many will reap the good they sow.

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