Presh : Honored with MOPA 2023 Award for “Momentous Global Artist Recognition”


In a spectacular moment of acknowledgment and celebration, Presh, the distinguished artist known for his musical prowess, has been honored with the esteemed MOPA 2023 Award. This award, presented under the title “Momentous Global Artist Recognition,” marks a significant milestone in Presh’s career, emphasizing his remarkable contributions to the world of music.


Presh, whose real name is Onungwe Precious Ebie, is a Nigerian-Canadian singer-songwriter celebrated for his unique fusion of African heritage and Canadian pop culture. His musical journey has encompassed a diverse range of genres, including Amapiano, Afro-Pop, R&B Soul, Pop, Gospel, and Pop-Rock.


The “Momentous Global Artist Recognition” Award stands as a testament to Presh’s extraordinary talent and dedication to his craft. This accolade recognizes his profound influence on the music industry and his unwavering commitment to using his music as a medium for positive change.


Presh’s journey into the spotlight began with the release of his debut single, “Champion,” in 2019. This soul-stirring track captivated hearts and showcased his vocal artistry. Presh’s rendition of “Champion” left an indelible mark, and it earned him recognition on numerous platforms and radio stations.


In 2020, he continued to make waves with the release of “You Matter,” a poignant single addressing societal issues and advocating for self-love and awareness. The impact of his music, coupled with his dedication to spreading powerful messages, has contributed to his well-deserved recognition.


The “Momentous Global Artist Recognition” Award is a symbol of Presh’s ongoing commitment to using his music to inspire, uplift, and create positive change in the world. This honor is a reflection of his exceptional achievements in the music industry and his unwavering passion for making a difference through his artistry.


As Presh accepts this prestigious award, he embarks on a new chapter in his musical career, continuing to create music that resonates deeply with his audience and carries messages of inspiration and empowerment. The “Momentous Global Artist Recognition” Award is a testament to the remarkable journey of Presh, an artist with a purpose, whose talent and dedication have earned him this significant accolade.

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