Poshglow Skincare’s CEO Folasade Omotoyinbo Launches ‘Feeding for All’ Initiative to Combat Hunger in Nigeria


Poshglow Skincare, a renowned name in the beauty industry, is not just celebrating its 6th anniversary; it’s embracing a remarkable journey of compassion and change. Folasade Omotoyinbo, the CEO of Poshglow Skincare and a celebrated aesthetician and beautician, is spearheading an initiative that’s set to redefine the fight against hunger in Nigeria.

Omotoyinbo’s journey from a certified beauty therapist in London to a prominent entrepreneur in Nigeria is a testament to her unwavering commitment to societal betterment. Her leadership has led Poshglow Skincare to prestigious accolades, including the City People Entertainment Award for Best Skincare Brand in 2020, and now she’s channeling her brand’s success into a humanitarian endeavor.

“I believe in a holistic approach to wellness, extending beyond skincare to meet fundamental human needs like food and nutrition,” Omotoyinbo explained.

“The Folasade Omotoyinbo Foundation is about building a healthier, stronger community where well-being is accessible to all, regardless of their economic status.”

The foundation’s vision is nothing short of ambitious. It involves the establishment of food banks in strategic locations across Nigeria, with a long-term mission to provide nourishment to millions of households. This initiative reflects Omotoyinbo’s broader goal of community empowerment, a hallmark of her leadership at Poshglow Skincare.

“Feeding for All is not just about providing food; it’s about instilling hope, promoting self-sufficiency, and creating a ripple effect of shared prosperity in our communities,” she elaborates. “We’re not merely setting up food banks; we’re nurturing a culture of mutual support and resilience to drive our society towards sustainable development.”

In an industry where the focus is primarily on external aesthetics, Omotoyinbo’s human-centered approach stands out. Her advocacy for organic and natural skincare, combined with her venture into humanitarian service, underscores a multifaceted approach to wellness and community engagement.

As the Folasade Omotoyinbo Foundation officially launches, it marks a pivotal chapter in the illustrious story of Poshglow Skincare. With Folasade Omotoyinbo at the helm, orchestrating a symphony of positive change, the anticipation surrounding the launch resonates with the hope and transformative impact the foundation aspires to anchor across Nigeria.

Omotoyinbo’s story is an evidence to the potent blend of entrepreneurship and philanthropy, redefining success in the business world to encompass a broader spectrum of societal impact. Her indelible mark on both the skincare industry and the humanitarian sector positions her as a vanguard of sustainable change, etching a legacy that transcends commercial success. This launch is not just a celebration of Poshglow Skincare’s 6th anniversary; it’s a celebration of hope and a hunger-free Nigeria. For your information, Folasade is blessed with a heart of gold, she has been putting smiles on people’s face for so long and it’s what she enjoy doing.


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