Media Workshop Empowers Journalists for Effective Oversight and Anti-Corruption Reporting in Defence Sector



The Civil Society Legislative Advocacy Centre (CISLAC) has taken steps to enhance the capacity of journalists for reporting on the defence and security sector.


During a one-day Media Dialogue in Abuja, Bertha Ogbimi, Senior Programme Person for Peace and Security at CISLAC, emphasized the importance of equipping journalists with the skills to effectively oversee the defence sector and report on anti-corruption efforts. She highlighted that the workshop aimed to empower journalists to ask the right questions, seek transparency, and hold relevant authorities accountable within the sector.


Ogbimi emphasized that specialization among journalists could significantly improve their ability to uncover critical information and ensure accountability. She noted that Nigeria faces multifaceted security challenges, with substantial allocations directed toward the defence and security sector. However, despite significant funding, security challenges persist, leading to questions about the effectiveness of these expenditures.


While recognizing the need for national security, Ogbimi stressed that citizens have a right to know where their taxpayer money is being allocated, especially when it comes to issues like the welfare of security personnel. She emphasized that journalists have a crucial role to play in seeking answers to these critical questions, which can help improve security operations and address challenges in the sector.


Senator Iroegbu, a facilitator at the workshop, highlighted the importance of investigative journalism in promoting transparency, raising awareness, and deterring wrongdoing in the defence and security sector. He encouraged journalists to adhere to ethical journalism standards and always seek the truth in their reporting.


Iroegbu also called for increased capacity building for journalists and media practitioners, emphasizing the need for specialized training and continuous learning in the complex domain of security reporting.


The event underscored the importance of specialization among journalists to enhance the effectiveness of security sector oversight and emphasized the significance of General Defense Information (GDI) knowledge in achieving this goal.


Additionally, the government was urged to initiate security sector reforms to address issues of secrecy and enhance transparency within the sector.







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