Maxwell Opara Goofed Says AAS Investors As They Stand By Jesam Michael, Demand For Justice





Continue to speak out against all forms of injustice to yourselves and others, and you will set a mighty example for your children and for future generations.”


— Bernice King






Martin Luther King Jr. once said, “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”




Investors of leading global financial platform Afriq Arbiritage System have demanded for justice against the Abayomi Oluwasesan who stole the company’s $87m money and his cronies, Humble Prince Etang, Donald Michael, Fifeyin Awajumo and Michael’s Okoh who have used the instrument of cyber bully and cyber stalking to attack their CEO, Jesam Michael.





Also, they have unanimously condemned the ungodly role of the legal practitioner of the accused, Maxwell Opara, who has been narrating a dangerously false narration about the incident knowing full well that the perpetrators of these alleged crimes are the villain not the victims.




Consequently, some representatives of the global community of AAS known as Spartans have penned an open letter condemning the unfortunate incidents against their CEO and the company. Excerpts…








Maxwell Opara must be called to order by the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA).



The Spectacle created by the so-called Maxwell Opara, a lawyer hired by ponzi hawks led by one Michael Okoh has exposed the short-comings of the legal profession in the country.



It’s so daft and unprofessional for a supposed lawyer to go to the press and talk about a case ongoing in court. A case he is himself representing in the court of law.



Those he is representing are tied to the chief culprit that is Abayomi and we believed by now as a lawyer he should have gotten all the facts related to the case he was brought in to litigate.





The accused, Abayomi has since confessed to his crime of stealing a whooping 87 million dollars from the confers of AAS. His lawyer has publicly stated this in court. How then Opara was not so informed as to guide his utterances?



This indiscretion on the part of a lawyer cannot be swept under the carpet. Whatever his motives are, we know he is part and parcel of the propaganda machinery to bring down AAS and its CEO, which is a defeated endeavour as everyone already knows. Their plot has failed as the truth is already in the public domain.



While AAS and its CEO will never take the laws into its hands, we are calling on the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) to effectively call their member to order, and impose disciplinary measures for such flagrant flouting of the legal profession’s code of conduct.



However, irrespective of what the NBA do or fail to do, the security agencies have taken the lead to call him to order as a polite invitation to turn himself in to the Nigeria Police Force or be arrested has gone out. The choice is his to make.



As stated before, there are consequences for our words and actions. The said assault on him as reported by some media pools is a misinformation. Opara was never assaulted by the complainant. He was stopped from further spreading lies about a case in court of which the obvious is clear; that ABAYOMI OLUWASESAN, has confessed to stealing 87 million dollars from AAS.



We should also remember, Abayomi was an employee of AAS, with the knowledge of the key codes to the system, a privilege afforded him by the CEO in trust which he swiftly betrayed.



He did not hack the system, because the system is unhackable. He simply entered because he has the keys. No one has the keys to a door and rather break in, they simply go in with the keys.



So gentlemen of the press, Abayomi stole from AAS, and every lawyer involved in this case must go the extra mile to get to the bottom of the truth before saying anything about the case.



Maxwell must be disciplined and possibly disbarred for bringing shame to the law profession. AAS will leave no stone unturned and will not fold its arms while naysayers and haters run riot.


Never Again.









This is pretty absurd that individuals and institutions make comments without appraising themselves of the circumstances or the facts.



A crime was not committed against Maxwell Opara, a crime was committed against Investors and the CEO of the company they invested in, Afriq Arbitrage Systems. The defendants Maxwell Opara is representing, have already been deeply apologetic of their actions and the principal defendant, Mr. Abayomi has even confessed to the crime of stealing 87 Million dollars from the coffers of AAS.










Maxwell Opara takes sensationalism to the next level when he demonstrates his limited knowledge of the case by stating that the money that was stolen was 100 Million dollars… In so doing, he perjured himself and deeply affected his credibility in exercising his legal profession.



What I see playing out here is a drama where most actors are attempting to have their 5 minutes of fame in the spotlight. This case is huge, and such actors like Maxwell Opara, do not have to be paid any attention to as they attempt to have a spin off show on this main event. The law is going to deal with Maxwell, and as for the rest of us investors, we shall drown the noise and concentrate on how to get our stolen investment of 87 Million dollars from Mr. and Mrs. Abayomi.






Opara’s actions have raised serious concerns about legal ethics and the objectivity of legal practitioners.





The situation involving Maxwell Opara, who was responsible for defending individuals in a cyberbullying case, has taken a dramatic turn. While Opara was representing Michael Okoh, Humble Etenge, and others, another legal matter involving Abayomi Oluwasesan and Afriq Arbitrage System came to light.



Abayomi’s involvement in a $87 million theft and subsequent confession added a layer of complexity to the situation. Despite not directly representing Abayomi in legal proceedings, Opara was seen commenting on the case between Abayomi and Afriq Arbitrage System.



Opara’s actions have raised serious concerns about legal ethics and the objectivity of legal practitioners. This revelation highlights the paramount importance of upholding ethical standards and integrity within the legal profession.



The consequences of Opara’s conduct underscore the necessity for transparency and accountability in the legal field. This scandal serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with allowing personal gain to compromise the pursuit of justice and the equitable execution of the law. It serves as a cautionary tale about the importance of maintaining ethical standards in legal practice to uphold justice and fairness.











This Lawyer goofed




He contravened the rules of Professional Ethics as Legal Practitioners in Nigeria



Once a case is under the jurisdiction of a Court, it’s a common principle of judicial practice that none, not even the parties involved, nor any lawyer engaged for that matter must go to the media to begin another trial or hearing. It’s Contempt of the Court. The Court usually frowns at such conduct.



A case is subjudice when anyone goes outside the court to make any forms of comment, conference or conclusion with respect to such a case.



The Maxwell Okpara stands to be seriously reprimanded with the appropriate sanctions by the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee.



In addition to the police investigation ongoing against Maxwell Okpara, I humbly advise once again that our AAS Legal Team submit a Petition to the Legal Practitioners Disciplinary Committee ( LPDC ) against Barr. Maxwell Okpara for his breach of the rules of Professional Ethics which forbids Lawyer from discussing or granting interviews with respect to matters or proceedings ongoing in the Courts.



I felt ashamed of Maxwell Okpara conducts as a Lawyer too when I saw him delved into the live issues already before the Court in his Press interviews.


This is too bad for a Lawyer’s conduct!



Our AAS Legal Team appears more professional and must be guided always too, because the Newshounds would always come to them to scoop or scout for headlines.



When approached by the media, all a Lawyer could say is “ the Court has spoken, the next date of adjournment is “xyz “ it is subjudice to say anything further on this case. Thank you gentlemen of the Press for your interest .



Pronto ! You discharge the Press and go your way .


This is best practice we all learn as Lawyers.


Anyone as a Lawyer , including Maxwell Okpara who contravenes the rules must face the consequences of their actions.





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