Kiraa TV Boss Urges Yoruba Movie Producers: Embrace Owobo Ogunde’s Talent to Preserve Hubert Ogunde’s Legacy


Franklin Oluwasegun Currie, the visionary behind Kiraa TV, has issued a compelling appeal to Yoruba movie producers, urging them to officially welcome the talented Owobo Ogunde back into the industry. Franklin emphasized the importance of continuing the legacy of late Chief Hubert Ogunde, the doyen of theater arts in Nigeria, and acknowledged Owobo Ogunde’s potential to carry forward his father’s illustrious heritage.

In an exclusive interview with Gbolahan Adetayo, Franklin reflected on the rising star, Owobo Ogunde, who has garnered widespread attention following his remarkable performance in Kunle Afolayan’s blockbuster, “Anikulapo” series. Notably, Owobo’s portrayal of Bashorun caught the industry by storm, with many drawing parallels between his acting prowess and the legendary performances of his father, Chief Hubert Ogunde.

“Owobo Ogunde is currently the sensation in the movie industry. Watching him in ‘Anikulapo’ series, I couldn’t help but see echoes of the late Hubert Ogunde’s performances on stage. This guy is exceptionally talented, and his familial connection to Ogunde is quite amazing. As a content creator and entertainment outfit based in Owobo Ogunde’s hometown, Ososa-Ijebu, Kiraa TV is eager to collaborate with him,” Franklin expressed.

He went on to encourage movie producers to seize the opportunity and formally reintegrate Owobo Ogunde into the industry, ensuring the continuation of the rich artistic heritage and legacy left behind by Chief Hubert Ogunde. Franklin emphasized that, after over three decades since Chief Hubert Ogunde’s passing, few of his children have actively pursued acting, making Owobo’s emergence a significant moment for the Ogunde family.

“Veteran actor, Laja Ogunde made commendable efforts to sustain the legacy, but over time, we’ve seen fewer of his movies. With the emergence of Owobo Ogunde, I believe he can revive his father’s legacy and represent what the Ogunde family stands for in the theater industry. As a movie enthusiast, we crave fresh faces and talents in the industry, and Owobo Ogunde embodies that potential. I commend Kunle Afolayan for discovering him,” Franklin remarked.

This call echoes the desire for inclusivity and fresh perspectives in the Yoruba movie industry, championed by Kiraa TV as it aligns with its mission to promote unique and culturally rich entertainment. Owobo Ogunde’s journey promises to be a significant chapter in the continued narrative of Nigeria’s cinematic heritage.

Meanwhile, it will interest you to know that Kiraa TV is at the moment warming up to release yet another blockbuster flick titled, Akirifijalo. This new movie promises a lot according to the producer.

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