Itire Patriot Day:Celebrating Community,Culture, Giving Back in Lagos State


Nestled within the bustling streets of Lagos State, South West Nigeria, lies the serene town of Itire. More than just a picturesque location, Itire is a place where history, culture, and its cherished residents are commemorated through a vibrant annual event known as Itire Patriot Day.


This special occasion, celebrated every year, brings together the sons and daughters of Itire, both those still residing in the community and those who have moved away, to celebrate their roots and give back to the place that nurtured them.


Itire Patriots is an organization comprising mature individuals, aged 40 and above, who have a shared connection with the Itire community and a common commitment to its betterment.


Itire Patriot Day, which typically falls on October 1st to coincide with Nigeria’s independence celebration, serves as a platform for community members to come together for feasting, sports, and various philanthropic activities aimed at uplifting their hometown.


One of the central objectives of Itire Patriot is to provide educational support, including purchasing JAMB forms for admission seekers, creating employment opportunities, and empowering the local youth.


The 2023 edition, themed “Together We Thrive, Empowering Our Community,” commenced with a lively atmosphere as a DJ entertained the gathering before they paid a visit to the Oba’s Palace in the morning.


Upon returning from the Oba’s Palace, the organization’s executives and members engaged in street soccer and other sporting activities within the community, all while being cheered on by enthusiastic spectators.


The celebration extended to include the women of the community, who gathered for their own sports activities. Participants were rewarded with food items, including spaghetti, rice, and groundnut oil.


Speaking at the event, the President of Itire Patriot Club, Kayode Akin Ayodele, explained that the organization was founded four years ago to reconnect with their roots and contribute positively to their community.


The Chairman of the Think Tank, Itire Patriots, Feyisayo Adeniyi, emphasized that the event’s essence is to unite individuals who have been fortunate enough to hail from Itire, encouraging them to give back and inspire the younger generation.


Itire Patriots is known for fostering unity and fostering collaboration among individuals from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities, creating a platform for the exchange of ideas.


It is a year-long commitment that requires dedication and selflessness to bring everyone together. The organization’s members contribute their resources to give back to the community and emphasize the importance of their shared heritage.


In previous editions of Itire Patriot Day, the organization distributed exercise books to local primary schools, provided JAMB forms to admission seekers, supplied a generating set to the police station, and even donated car tires for their mobility.


The Itire Patriot Club’s mission is clear: to elevate the Itire community and position it among the best, in line with other progressive communities worldwide. Through their collective efforts and unwavering commitment, they continue to build bridges, empower the youth, and give back to the place they proudly call home.






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