Insecurity in Nigeria: US Based Entertainer, Sends An Open Letter To President Buhari

The United States of America based musician cum Nollywood actor, Joseph Faduri also known as Fadojoe has written an open letter to the president of Nigeria, Muhammad Buhari over the issue of insecurity in the nation.

The open letter, which was also made available to us read thus: “There are several issues of insecurity currently hugging Nigeria and nothing is being done about it. The Boko Haram terrorist groups claimed to have kidnapped another 500+ students in Northern Nigeria.

Mr President, a few weeks ago, ordinary and peaceful Nigerians were carried out protest and you ordered your military to go and shoot them, many were wounded and some were killed , the citizens you vowed to protect by constitution.

Under your leadership, Boko Harram is taking territories and occupying spaces everyday in Nigeria and you can not order same military you ordered against innocent Nigerians to do same to wipe out these terrorists out of our nation.

The priority of your government has been stealing, embezzling and pardoning every thieves stealing money in your government or silence on the ones exposed. Posterity will judge you and all APC leaders who did nothing to rescue helpless Nigerians from the hands of wolves and thugs, and the terrorists that call themselves Boko Harram and your government did nothing to wipe them off the face of the earth even when you have resources and man power to do so.

Your government and military leaders has no clue or chose not to embark on making Nigeria a free nation but a nation where insecurity is in the highest from south to the north of Nigeria.

If your military cant handle it. You have OAU organization of African unity troupes you can put together to fight this course and if that can not help. You can choose to ask for help from Other World powers be it America. UK to help you wipe off these hoodlums off the coast and shores of Nigeria .

The Blood of many Nigerians are in your hands for allowing Terrosirsts to grow wings in our nation and as Commander In Chief you command nothing to stop the insecurity in Nigeria. You and your govt and APC leaders will answer to Nigeria some days about how you all failed Nigeria as a Nation.
Faduri Joseph
Cc: Head of Nigerian Army
Head of Nigerian Navy
Head of Nigerian police
Head of Nigerian SSS
Head of Nigerian EFCC

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