“I MAY NEVER ATTEND “YOUR VIEW AGAIN”-Actor,Yomi Fabiyi Tells TV Host, Morayo

Dear Morayo,


I was on the show “YOUR VIEW” months ago. Guests are meant to be prepared with likely questions and made comfortable. All that absent. Penultimate the session, all four presenters walked past me as if I was a beggar, but I let that pass because if not for the interview, no way none of you would have such chance . Classless!

It was crystal clear the interview was a SET UP to disgrace. I am natural and upright, so it never happened. However, my concerns with you and your positions especially on the BABA IJESHA CASE was that:

i) you opined on national tv that it was ok that a child/underage in Lagos and Nigeria can be groomed for sexual abuse. I have a child living in Nigeria, that of my siblings, friends etc. Children are the same all over the world. It is such a shame you could hold such position. Your producer and the TVC management let that pass. Still in shock.

ii) You and your co-travellers were all aware that days after Baba Ijesha was arrested, a lab test was conducted on the purported fourteen year old and “sperm” was found on her. This led to her confession that one “Damola Adekola and another man, house security a.k.a Okele” had been sleeping with her. Damola Adekola was arrested and he confessed to having sex with same girl.

Your programme ambushed me with a question which reads in part “don’t you think you owe Princess and others an apology…..”. When it turns out that your programme like the Police and Prosecutor cannot explain why Damola Adekola who was arrested, confessed to having sex with the girl from 13 years is walking free till date.

Make it make sense to me, and why I should apologize for fighting that his absence at trial is dangerous, perhaps defiling more now. No police investigation, evidence nor court verdict found Baba Ijesha guilty of defiling the girl.

Princess groomed a minor and engaged in CHILD PORNOGRAPHY, TRIAL BY ORDEAL(Torture) etc yet your programme asked me to apologize for fighting against these. You hurt me and my human rights advocacy and I MAY NOT HONOUR THE SHOW AGAIN. You all are either selective or ill-informed. None of you truly care about the girl.

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