Heartfelt Condolences: BethNews Mourns Major Segun Oni & Honors His Legacy

With a profound sense of sorrow and compassion, we extend our heartfelt condolences through BethNews to the entire family of Late Chief Oni in the Erukucity area of Kwara State, as they grieve the loss of our cherished son and brother, Major Segun Oni.

The passing of a loved one, especially a father, leaves a trail of pain and anguish. During this time, may you find solace in the understanding that we come from God and shall return to Him after our earthly journey.

In the realm of humanity, there exists a time for birth and a time for passing. However, the timing and manner of death, an inevitable conclusion, remain veiled mysteries known only to the Almighty.

Major Segun Oni answered God’s call on the 13th of August 2023, around 5:40 AM, when he and fellow military personnel were ambushed by dreaded terrorist bandits in Niger State. He led the team as the senior officer, striving to protect citizens and their belongings. Regrettably, his journey ended abruptly at the age of forty-plus. Little did we know that our interactions would cease after July 20, 2023 – the day we last exchanged pleasantries and you commended my dedication to my profession. What a heartrending departure!

It is recorded that your biological father, Late Chief Oni, laid a foundation of virtuous legacy, one that you faithfully upheld until this sudden demise. You displayed great dedication in the Nigerian military, executing your duties with a pure heart and extending hospitality to Eruku Youths who sought your guidance. Your accomplishments, Maj Segun Oni, stand as a remarkable testament.

In this time of mourning, we stand united in grief, while fervently praying that the Almighty God provides the families with the strength to bear this immeasurable loss. (Amen).



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