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Group Urges President Tinubu and NNPCL CEO to Address Alleged Contracts Racketeering in Rivers Refinery


The Niger Delta Investigation Crusaders (NDIC) have called upon President Bola Tinubu and the Chief Executive Officer of the Nigerian National Petroleum Company Limited (NNPCL), Mele Kyari, to address concerns regarding alleged contracts racketeering at the Port Harcourt Refinery in Rivers State.

Expressing their apprehension over the situation, the NDIC has urged both President Tinubu and CEO Kyari to take action against the reported corruption to ensure that the refinery becomes operational by the December deadline.

According to NDIC spokesperson Comrade Darlington Omamoh, there are allegations that contracts at the Port Harcourt Refinery have been awarded to individuals and companies who may have close ties to high-ranking government officials.

Furthermore, the NDIC has called upon the Managing Director of Port Harcourt Refinery, Mr. Monday Abraham Onoja, to prevent any reported contracts racketeering and ensure that contracts are only awarded to qualified entities.

The NDIC has also called for a thorough examination of contracts granted to specific companies, including Autobus Technologies Ltd (handling CCTV), Hamuz Vent Ent, Niss Energy Services, and DGM Tech Services, who are currently involved in projects at the refinery.

In their statement, the group affirmed their vigilant monitoring of the activities of Managing Director Abraham Monday Onoja and Musa Aliyu, Head of Construction, in relation to contracts awarded within the refinery. They emphasized their commitment to transparency and the disclosure of any irregular findings.

The NDIC has also expressed concerns about the alleged involvement of HR Christina Akindole in contracts being awarded to individuals, and they intend to keep a close eye on such developments.

This call by the Niger Delta Investigation Crusaders reflects a growing need for transparency and accountability in the management of contracts within the Port Harcourt Refinery, with the goal of ensuring the facility’s timely and efficient operation.


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