Dreamfo Founder, Mrs Olubunmi Ojo Afolabi Glows @ 50 By Oluwaseun Fabiyi


We are born differently on the surface of earth. Some are born with a silver spoon in their mouths. Others had their kernels cracked for them. For the most indelible set, they struggle through life to attain greatness. My hard-working award-winning big Aunty, Mrs Olubunmi Ojo Afolabi belong to this last descriptive category. Is there anything legitimate in the pursuit of life that Mrs Olubunmi has not done, from academic, business to entrepreneurship, investment, diplomatic calling, spirituality, socio – transfiguration? to None!

With a dints of hard work, this altruistic and affectionate character of a lovely Sister/Aunty has wined and dined with the high and mighty in the society despite his humble beginning.

The founder and CEO of Klassik Party limited an event company based in London is a darling of high profile personnels, Kings, the wealthy and unparalleled personages in the society. I see with unbridle clarity that truly when there is will, there must be a way. In Mrs Olubunmi Ojo Afolabi’s psychology of life, the only impossibility in the world is what you have not given a trial in which many of her allies learnt from her outstanding performances.

No wonder the award-winning Mrs Olubunmi is winning every or most of her battles.

Without pain there’s no gain. I speak from a vantage to say that the socialite, quintessential beautiful woman that we are celebrating today does not look what she had passed through in life even as a widow. Sometimes when we reflect in our quiet sobriety, we always ended chorusing all adoration and praises to God.

She has not for a day detach from the lowliest of the people in the society because she believes the only thing that distinguishes us all is the grace of God. Olubunmi Ojo Afolabi, can be fanatical to some three things in life, her Parents, Family, and God. She will not compromise on these triplets choices.

Olubunmi, will let go her own desires and acquisitions just to make sure the next person flourishes if she was convinced that such a man or woman is more needy. She is rich in character, deeds and behaviour.

On this anniversary of your Golden Jubilee celebrations galore, this is wishing my favorite resourceful Aunty long life. I pray for you that all doors that are opened will never be shut and the doors which are yet to open, God will deliver thy keys to you. Congratulations Ma’am.

Oluwaseun Fabiyi media aide to Mrs Olubunmi Ojo Afolabi and Dreafo Foundation International.

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