“Dr. Sikiru Gbolahan Oseni : A Journey Of Achievements and Honors”~ 1STELEVEN9JATV



Dr. Sikiru Gbolahan Oseni is a distinguished individual whose contributions span culture, entertainment, and community development. In 2024, his dedication and impact were celebrated through several prestigious awards, highlighting his influence and commitment to excellence.


_Angel City Salute Proclamation Ceremony_

On June 26, 2024, Dr. Oseni will be honored at the Angel City Salute Proclamation Ceremony. This event, renowned for recognizing outstanding individuals, will award Dr. Oseni the Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award. This accolade reflects his lifelong dedication to cultural and community initiatives, marking him as a significant figure in both local and international spheres.


_Yoruba Culture Ambassador Award_

Dr. Oseni’s cultural contributions were acknowledged at the 8th Edition Hollywood and African Prestigious Awards held on November 2, 2023. Here, he received the Yoruba Culture Ambassador Award, a testament to his efforts in promoting and preserving Yoruba culture. This award celebrates individuals who have made significant strides in representing and uplifting Yoruba heritage, and Dr. Oseni’s work has undeniably made a lasting impact.


_Golden Stars Award 2024_

On June 2, 2024, Dr. Oseni will be recognized at the Golden Stars Award 2024, where he will receive two notable honors: the Entertainment Personality of the Year (Diaspora) and the Entertainment Company of the Year. These awards underscore his influence and success within the entertainment industry, particularly highlighting his role in bridging cultural gaps and promoting African entertainment on a global stage.


_Oodua Special Recognition Awards_

Further solidifying his legacy, Dr. Oseni will be honored at the 5th Oodua Special Recognition Awards in Ile-Ife on October 13, 2024. This award is given to individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Yoruba community and culture. Dr. Oseni’s work in promoting cultural heritage and community development made him a deserving recipient of this prestigious recognition.


_SG Foundation: A Commitment to Humanity_

In addition to his personal achievements, Dr. Oseni is also closely associated with the SG Foundation, an organization dedicated to serving humanity. The foundation is set to launch promotional campaigns involving T-shirts and caps, aimed at raising awareness and support for their initiatives. The SG Foundation exemplifies Dr. Oseni’s commitment to community service and cultural preservation.


For more information about the SG Foundation and their initiatives, please visit [SG Foundation]( You can contact them via email at [email protected] or by phone at 214-780-8079.


Dr. Sikiru Gbolahan Oseni’s legacy is marked by his unwavering dedication to culture, entertainment, and community development. His numerous accolades in 2024 serve as a testament to his influence and impact, inspiring future generations to continue the work of cultural preservation and community service.

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