It has often been said by many that a prophet is not respected in his own land. People generally love to denigrate the prophets in their backyard, often dismissing them as fake and money seeking. This is why they are never taken seriously until something terribly serious happens and they are now needed to proffer solutions.

The shocking news of Davido’s son, Ifeanyi, is one that is still reverberating through the length and breadth of the country. The three year old son of music superstar, Davido and his long time beau Chioma, drowned inside their private swimming pool in their Banana Island home in Lagos. Indeed, it has been one traumatising experience for the young Adeleke family. But there is a part to the story that many didn’t know about. Several months ago, the founder and leader of INRI Evangelical Spiritual church, Primate Elijah Ayodele, had warned Davido to be prayerful, specifically about those close to him. This prophecy was made in the prophet’s current popular annual publication, Warning To The Nations. The book contains various prophecies covering sports, politics, economy, showbiz, etc. It was in the Showbiz/ Entertainment section that the prophecy on Davido and a few other showbiz stars was revealed. Unfortunately, it is either David didn’t hear about Primate Ayodele warning him of the impending danger, or he heard about it but, like many others often do, dismissed the prophetical warning.

This is why it is important for everybody, including celebrities, to have a personal spiritual father somewhere who will always be there to give them spiritual guidance when necessary. Such spiritual father would’ve been able to decode and interpret for Davido everything about the prophecy Primate Ayodele foretold about him.

But those who have been following Primate Ayodele’s prophecies have been asking, how come the highly renowned man of God didn’t make a lot of noise about this prophecy? Why did he not make any personal effort to reach Davido and warn him of the danger that was lurking? Why keep such very critical prophecy to yourself, making it public only in his book and within the media community? While this writer is not in anyway trying to speak for Primate Ayodele, he consulted those close to the primate. And according to a personal aide of the globally respected man of God, the Primate was only being very careful. Hear him: “It is not an easy job to be the person consistently churning out prophecies that continue to make waves within the country everyday. This particular prophecy on Davido is not a palatable one. It is not the kind of prophecy you will expect the Primate to be making noise about. It is a tragic prophecy. He should not be seen to be the one announcing that a tragedy will befall David or now that it has happened, you don’t expect him to be celebrating the fact that his prophecy has come to pass. He is a father himself and he knows what it means for a parent to lose their child. It is an unfortunate incident and we must please, let it pass so the young couple can mourn their departed beloved son quietly and in peace,” the aide to the prophet concluded.

Indeed, many are now starting to take the prophecies of the popular man of God seriously. It will be recalled that Primate Ayodele shocked many with his prophecy on former British Prime Minister, Liz Truzz, when it came to pass. He said she would not last and she didn’t. He also foretold the electoral defeat of Brazilian president, Jair Bolsonaro whom he said would lose the presidential elections because the people of Brazil are clamouring for a new government, a new leader. And this is exactly what has happened. This was published in his interview published in the October 19, 2022 edition of City People magazine.
He also warned the government about collapsed bridges and urged them to be very careful and vigilant enough to prevent the disaster from happening. Below are photo shots of sections of the Davido prophecy.



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