Corporate Wizards: Popular Journalist, Adegboyega Johnson Set To Launch New Book In Memory Of Wigwe, Imoyo


After many years of celebrating top and foremost Corporate players, popular journalist and author of the book Corporate Wizards, Adegboyega Johnson, in a well thought inspiration over the years of being a versed journalistic player in the corporate and societal world, observed with bated breath and came to one plausible conclusion that some first and new generations corporate big players are deserving and worthy of being assembled in no particular order, in a book form for posterity and archival purposes.

“Corporate Wizards is a compendium of high-flying and numero unos in the corporate world in its entirety and this is my first book as an author. In the course of making this compilation, concise details and facts concerning the listed gurus and titans featured in the book, were put into immeasurable determination viz educational qualifications, cognate experience, corporate social responsibilities, managerial abilities, human resource potential, general business acumen, intrinsic personal values and other innate virtues hitherto unknown about the respective big business player that qualified for mentioning in this all-embracing book but not without exceptional qualities.

“Corporate Wizards will surely serve as a referential material for the younger business potentials who are hoping to rise to the same level and pedestal which these rare business moguls, titans and aficionados” Adegboyega explained.

However, the book, Corporate Wizards, hasn’t changed from its original concept which is to unveil and celebrate top Corporate personalities in Nigeria.

Adegboyega also explained further that he’s launching the book in memory of one of the most outstanding, most Innovative and resourceful bankers in Nigeria, late Herbert Wigwe who died recently in the ill-fated chopper crash in America alongside his wife and son.

“It was a big shock hearing the news of the passing of a resourceful, hardworking and highly Innovative banker like Herbert Wigwe. I didn’t imagine it in another 20 years. But as the bible says that God giveth and taketh, the only way I can contribute to keep his memory alive is to launch the book in Wigwe’s honour for his exemplary performances as a banker in taking Access Bank to the height it is today. Abdul Imoyo was also my confidant while alive, he knew about this book from day one and won’t but also pay a tribute to this cheerful giver,” Adegboyega noted.

The book is scheduled for launch in May 2024 at the prestigious Oriental Hotel in Lagos.

The author, Adegboyega Johnson, started his journalistic journey with the defunct Hearts Magazine as an Editorial Executive. Seven months after, he was made the Editor In Chief of same magazine.

Adegboyega left Hearts for Global Excellence where he rose to become Society Editor. He joined Fame Magazine and First Weekly Magazine afterwards. He had a stint with National Mirror as a correspondent. He started Metropolix Magazine and its online version in 2018, and its sister publications Ekiti Metropolix, Soul Magazine in 2022.

The award winning Adegboyega won the category of ‘The Most Outstanding Society Writer of The Year’ at City Pride Achievers Awards in 2011, ‘Most Creative and Insightful Writer of the Year’ at Fabulous Media Award in 2015 and a nominee of ‘Editor of the Year’ category at Nigeria Media Night Out Awards.

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